Take The Red Kettle Challenge And Help Rescue Christmas

For the first time in 130 years, The Salvation Army is starting its annual holiday fundraising campaign early across the country in order to rescue Christmas. The funds raised through our iconic red kettles are at risk this year due to COVID-19 while requests for services are at an all-time high. Red Kettles feed hungry children, shelter homeless families and support the families we serve. But we believe Distance Shouldn't Keep Us Apart. That is why we ask you to take the Red Kettle Challenge and help fill “30 Kettles in 30 Days”! For the first time in our history, you will be able to have your own Red Kettle! And if you wish, you can do it totally online! Virtual or physical, you can support the most vulnerable of our neighbors this Christmas season.

How does it work? Easy!Join the Red Kettle Challenge and set a fundraising goal. How you reach the goal is up to you (as long as it is legal!). We will provide a kettle and you can fill it or use it as an inspirational promotional tool to help reach your goal.

This Christmas, the need is greater than ever before.So get your church, your business, your neighborhood group, civic organization, family, and friends, accept the Red Kettle Challenge and join the Fight for Good!

Ready to get started? Click HERE and get your virtual kettle going! You can start today!

Got questions? Contact Robin Pardella at 336-245-2083 or email: robin.pardella@uss.salvationarmy.org

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