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10 Reasons to Bell Ring during The Salvation Army Red Kettle Season

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1. You’ll Be Part of Changing Lives: Bell Ringing is a great way to give a priceless gift of help, hope and comfort to 1000’s of individuals and families who turn to The Salvation Army across the Greater Winston Salem area. The ringing of The Salvation Army bell is not just a sound of a’s the sound of curing hunger, the sound of Christmas to a child in need, the sound of a safe place for homeless families and children to sleep. It is the sound of help, hope and comfort to our neighbors when they need it most during the holidays and beyond.

2. Doing Good in Your Community! Every penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar collected in your community stays local and supports local Salvation Army programs. By helping raise funds through a Red Kettle, you’re a neighbor helping your neighbors.

3. Impacting Neighbors. Did you know that donating 2 hours of your priceless time generates $80-$100+. That means 80+ meals or a safe warm home to a family for a month, or providing 3 underprivileged children the opportunity to attend summer camp!

4. You’ll spread Christmas cheer. The Red Kettle bell is an iconic sound of the season. It really doesn’t feel like Christmas until you hear the first bell ringing. You can be a part of sharing holiday joy by providing the sounds of the season. You’ll put people in the Christmas spirit and you get to be right in the midst of the holiday bustle spreading joy. Get creative – dress up, sing Christmas Carols, bring your friends, family, or co-workers.

5. Hear Uplifting Stories from People Impacted by The Salvation Army! When people walk by the kettles, more often than not, they stop by with a story to tell. Whether they were once helped by The Salvation Army, used to volunteer or know someone who was a recipient of some sort of service, the stories they share are enlightening and uplifting.

6. Make new friends and Warm the Heart.” You’ll get to meet lots of new people as you invite them to donate to your red kettle. Add to the fun by asking friends and family to ring a bell with you. You can even make it a new family tradition! For every time you thank someone for their donation you will be gratefully thanked for ringing the bell!

7. Know Your Impact! Our Red Kettle coordinator and Register to Ring program tracks your individual/group Red Kettle donations and can share how much you raised! We want your donation of your priceless time to be as incredibly rewarding to you as an individual/group as it is to our programs and those we serve.

8. Christmas Fun! Christmas Caroling and Wacky Christmas Sweaters are some of the best parts of the holiday season. Nothing says, “It’s Christmastime” like hearing people singing or playing their favorite holiday tunes or dressed in their favorite Christmas Sweater, Santa or Mrs. Clause, elf or reindeer costume.

9. Channel You Competitive Side. It is easy to see have your efforts are paying off as your Red Kettle begins to fill. Set a personal goal of how many people you can get to stop at your Red Kettle or a personal fundraising goal.

10. Be part of a legacy. The Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign has been a Christmas tradition since 1891. Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee set out a kettle to raise funds to feed the hungry in San Francisco. Now, The Salvation Army and Red Kettles can be found all over the world.

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