Volunteers-- Why You're Vital

Volunteering seems a simple thing. Spend a couple hours ringing the bell at Christmas, helping a Boys & Girls Club member with their homework, or reading to a small child of family rebuilding their lives at the Center of Hope shelter. What does it really mean in the big picture of the services The Salvation Army provides to individuals and families in need in the Greater Winston-Salem area?

Well, The Salvation Army without volunteers would be like a NASCAR driver with a great engine but no tires. Volunteers are the foundation of our mission to Do The Most Good. You may have noticed that here in Winston-Salem we don't have an excess of staff. Across the board from Administration to Development to Emergency Assistance, the shelter, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Family Store, we operate with minimum staffing. Why? Because we do our absolute best to devote our resources to the people we serve. Volunteers allow staff to concentrate on the life changing programs we serve and allow us to be more efficient and serve more needs at lower cost.

Take the recent volunteer effort from our friends at the BB & T Lighthouse Project. BB & T employees gave two full days of their time volunteering at the Center of Hope to organize and clean our basement storehouse and food pantry. As you can see from the before and after pictures, it was pretty messy. Sort of like a college student's dorm room! It got that way because staff just didn't have enough hours in the day to keep the room neat and still be able to serve the needs of the constant stream of clients seeking shelter, food, and assistance with things like rent and utility payments.


The BB & T volunteers organized the entire storehouse, making sure hygiene kits were correctly labelled and easy to find when shelter staff needed to give them to families facing homelessness. They made it easy to find Welcome Home Baskets for residents moving back into their own housing. In short, they helped to bring hope to the Center of Hope.

Volunteer opportunities are available year round and it's easy to register. Simply contact our Community Outreach Liaison, Robin Pardella, at 336-245-2083 or robin.pardella@uss.salvationarmy.org or click here Volunteer Now Join us in the Fight for Good. Be a part of the Army Behind The Army!

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