Boys & Girls Clubs Celebrate 80 Years of Service

2018 marks the 80th year of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs serving our children here in Winston-Salem. Think about that for a second. Eighty years of service. There's a chance some of our parents, even our grandparents, have been members and had their lives enriched by the clubs!

This year we will celebrate those eighty years of service with the Great Futures Breakfast! Friday, August 17, from 7:30 - 9:00 am we will gather in downtown Winston-Salem at the Benton Convention to show support for the hundreds of children who attend the Ken Carlson and the International Boys & Girls Clubs.

You will meet club members and club parents. You will hear stories of lives changed for the better, of children being instilled with a sense of self worth, confidence, discipline, and goals of success.

Your support is critical to continuing this mission. So we ask you today, become a sponsor, buy a table, tell a friend, spread the word. Without you, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs cannot continue to help our youth create the great futures they deserve.

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Winston-Salem can be the difference between the youth our city having a safe, rewarding, fun environment after school and during the summer, and being left home alone while their parents are at work.

Join us. Our children are our future. See you there! Tickets and Info

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