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Our Mission

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Dear Friends,

No person should have to know what hunger feels like, to experience another night sleeping in the streets, or to explain to their children why there is no power at home. The Salvation Army is committed to helping those with the most need. We provide hope for families and individuals in crisis.

Individuals who come to The Salvation Army for help need more than food or shelter. Often, they are seeking spiritual support and comfort. In the pages of this annual report, you will read stories of people who came to The Salvation Army in their most challenging times. Your support and prayers help provide for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The programs of The Salvation Army in our community have only been possible with your generosity. Thank you. Your wonderful support has provided countless residents a tangible expression of God’s love.

God bless you,
Majors Stan & Deborah Colbert

Services We Offer

  • Adult Program Services
  • Older Adult Services
  • Family Stores
  • Family Counseling Services
  • Housing/Residence Services
  • Worship Services
  • Correctional Services
  • Youth Services
  • Disaster Services
  • Emergency Assistance
  • 45,309
    • persons served
  • 171,641
    • meals served
  • 37,378
    • lodging for homeless
  • 5,992
    • Family Food Boxes
  • 61,259
    • Toys & Gifts





Supported in part by the United Way

Anita's Story

“When I got to The Salvation Army, I was broken.” As she recalls a more difficult time, Anita’s face reveals a complex set of emotions. “I was broken spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically. I just didn’t want to continue on.”

Today, Anita is a proud volunteer with The Salvation Army. She enthusiastically helps out in any way she can, knowing that the things she does have a direct impact on the lives of individuals and families in her community. Despite being in school and working to expand her opportunities, she knows that her work here is important and life-giving. Anita also volunteers with The Salvation Army because she remembers a time when she, herself, was struggling just to get back on her feet.

At a young age, a family member gave Anita drugs. While she doesn’t know if that person knew the effect that these drugs would have on her, for many years that followed, Anita wrestled with severe addiction. Her dependency helped create a perfect storm that culminated in domestic violence. Knowing she had to escape, Anita found herself without a place to live. She was hungry and alone.

“When I was homeless, walking around on those streets, I was feeling really awful. And I wasn’t even sure how to start realizing, you know, what really was going on in my life at the time. All I knew is that I couldn’t go home.”

While homeless, Anita continued to deal with the effects of her addiction. She knew that she needed help. Finding help for issues related to substance use can be extremely difficult. Simply through word of mouth, Anita learned about how The Salvation Army helped others work to get back on their feet. She didn’t know what to expect but realized she had nowhere else to turn.

Anita says she would like to forget her earliest experiences with The Salvation Army. She was dealing with years of frustration and pain and remembers lashing out at the staff there and leaving the program. When she later returned she was amazed to have The Salvation Army welcome her back with open arms.

“The Salvation Army looked at me with God-like eyes and they saw some good in me. They had seen something worth saving like they do with so many others.”

Anita is proud to serve The Salvation Army and feels as though what she received from them was more than she could ever repay. She has gotten her life back. She is in school and studying for a career in computer technology or human resources.

“I don’t know, it may sound crazy, but I’m just excited to be a part of The Salvation Army. I’m just excited to have a life. I’m excited to be living instead of just existing.”

Blossom's Story

Several years ago, Blossom was living in California. She was in an abusive relationship with the father of her newborn child and was being exploited by human traffickers. Desperate for help, Blossom fled one December morning and sought refuge with a family in North Carolina that she had never met. She had just 50 dollars in her purse. Everything she owned could fit into just two suitcases. Unfortunately, her new living arrangements fell through just a few months later.

In fleeing one set of dangerous circumstances, Blossom now found herself living on the streets with her son, still less than one year old. Thankfully, she was soon introduced to The Salvation Army Center of Hope.

“I cried my eyes out, I was so scared”, she recalls about first arriving at the shelter. “But I remember they welcomed me with smiles, asking me if I had had anything to eat and if my son needed anything.”

With a new sense of safety and security, Blossom was able to work with her case managers to begin to rebuild her life. Blossom worked hard and soon found herself exploring educational options that would allow her to provide for her son in ways she would not have imagined just a short time before. When one case manager presented her with an opportunity to attend a local community college, Blossom decided to pursue the human services program. The program required a community internship. To her surprise, her experiences came full circle when she was able to return to The Salvation Army to give back while learning to help others in very practical ways.

As with her other opportunities for growth, Blossom worked hard and was hired by The Salvation Army after successfully completing her studies. She is no longer living in poverty but is able to support herself and her son. Blossom continues to work for The Salvation Army, helping to support a new and innovative approach to helping others out of poverty called Pathway of Hope.

“I had been on the other side and it was a blessing to be able to give back. I moved out of public housing. I’m no longer on food stamps and Medicaid.”

Flashing a bright smile, she says proudly, “I have arrived!”

Advisory Board Members

  • Jack Sutton
    • Chair
  • Mike Huffman
    • Treasurer
  • Dr. Ken Carlson
    • Life Member
  • Dick Glaze
    • Life Member
  • Dr. Cal Jeffers
    • Life Member
  • Martha Martinat
    • Life Member
  • Suzanne Baker
  • John Brady
  • Andy Brown
  • Jeff Cardwell
  • Christina Clarke
  • Kay Donahue
  • Yvette Griffin
  • ay Johnson
  • Deronda Kee-Lucas
  • Aubrey Kirby
  • Ellen Parsley
  • Lucy Paynter
  • Dr. Frank Rayburn
  • Mike Ryan
  • Ben Schroeder
  • Karen Simon
  • Bryan Thompson
  • Tony Thompson
  • Tameeka Wallace
  • Rob Welch
  • Win Welch