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The History of The Salvation Army in Winston-Salem - Some Highlights

1907 - First Disposition of Forces in Winston-Salem, Salvationists working street corners of downtown. From April to September the Salvationists are led by Lieutenant L. Pay, in October he is joined by Captain and Mrs. J. Bloethe.

1923 - The Salvation Army begins working out of a building at 110 Second Street named The Salvation Army Citadel. The building is dedicated March 11,1924 and serves the community for the next 50 years. Other programs are housed in a small community building that was given by Mrs. Carrie Reynolds, located at 2033 Dacian Street.

The Corps Building located at 110 West Second Street, sitting: Commandant and Mrs. George Morris with family

Christmas Basket Distribution 1933 led by Adjutant Noel Ellis

Dedication of the Winston-Salem Outpost.

The Divisional Officers are Adjutant and Mrs. Wesley W. Bouterse, and Captain and Mrs. William Range,

with Adjutant and Mrs. Noel W. Ellis, the officers in command and the outpost locals.

1935 - A transient lodge to serve those without shelter is opened at 227 North Trade Street.

1938 - The Salvation Army’s popular Brigadier Julius M. Satterfield and his wife Augusta begin their 42-year association with the people of Winston-Salem. Before his long career is over, Brigadier Satterfield opens a home for transients in the tobacco market section, organizes a youth summer camp program, establishes the Red Shield Boys Club and is instrumental in starting the Red Shield Girls Club.

RallyHomeLeague Sectional Rally of Home Leagues at Central Corps, front left: Mrs. Brigadier Satterfield, Mrs. Lt. Col. Range, unidentified, Mrs. Col. Stephan, Mrs. Brigadier Swyers

1938 - 18 baseball players are enlisted from a team coached by Police Chief Anderson as the first members of the Boys Club. They meet in the basement of the Citadel on a budget of $8 per week.

1946 - Red Shield Boys Club becomes affiliated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America

LStroop LSleaders
Twin City Troop, Life-Saving Scouts Twin City Troop, Life-Saving Scout Leaders
LSgirls lSladies
Winston-Salem Corps Life-Saving Guards and assistants Winston-Salem Corps Life-Saving Guards

1951 - Following an explosion in post-war club membership, a Red Shield Boys Club is constructed at 1722 Stadium Drive (now Martin Luther King, Jr Dr). The property was given by Mrs. Ida W. Nissen.

OldClub SatterfieldJr

1952 - Red Shield Boys Club building was dedicated on April 20.

1953 - Chief Secretary Colonel Alfred Gilliard dedicates the first Citadel Corps

1954 - Brigadier J. M. Satterfield awarded the Order of the Founder, the highest honor The Salvation Army can bestow

1955 - The Salvation Army raises record $108,000 in 10 days to add a swimming pool to the Stadium Drive Red Shield Boys Club

1956 - Red Shield Boys Pool is dedicated, the National Commander Commissioner Donald McMillan visits Winston-Salem

1958 - National Commander Norman Marshall dedicated new Red Shield Girls Club, the first such facility in the Southern Territory. It was on city property leased to the Army “for a token annual payment.”

Sunbeams SouthsideWilbur
Sunbeams of the Winston-Salem Southside Corps; left: Captain Dorothy Carawan; right: 2 Lt. Mary Askew The Southside Corps on Wilbur Street

1971 - Realizing a dream of many years, The Salvation Army moves into its new South Marshall Street headquarters.

1973 - A new Central Corps building is constructed on a lot adjacent to the South Marshall Street headquarters.

Satterfields1980 Brigadier Julius Mack Satterfield, and Mrs. Brigadier Augusta Satterfield in 1980

1985 - The Salvation Army establishes service units in Davie, Stokes and Yadkin Counties to provide emergency relief. The Salvation Army provides direct services to 23,422 people, virtually equal to the total population of Winston-Salem when the Army first opened 79 years before.

canteen firemen

1986 - The Salvation Army publicly announces the beginning of a $2.1 million capital campaign to build a new Corps Community Center and Area Command headquarters.

1988 - The Salvation Army opens its first Thrift Store in recent years in the former Pleasants Hardware building on Northwest Boulevard

1989 - Capital Campaign is successfully concluded

1990 - The Salvation Army dedicates a 10,000 square foot Corps Community Center at 1411 South Broad Street (the Citadel Corps), now the Washington Park Corps.

1992 - The Salvation Army dedicates a 23,000 square foot Social Service Center and Area Command Headquarters at 1255 North Trade Street. This building now is still home to the Emergency Shelter and Residential Reentry Center.

2000 - A Hispanic outreach program is established under the leadership of Majors Francisco and Carolyn Zuniga, a historic first for The Salvation Army in Winston-Salem
2002 - The Salvation Army hosts an annual meeting with Edsel Ford, chair of the Army’s National Advisory Board. The same year the Army bestows the prestigious Others award to Dr. Ken Carlson and Zanne Baker and the William Booth Award to A. Tab Williams, Jr. It also purchases the former LIFT Academy on New Walkertown Road and relocates the Hispanic Outreach program to this permanent location to become the International Corps.

2003 - Launched a $2.5 million capital campaign under the leadership of Joe Neely and Paul Fulton

2006 - Extended the Summer Music Conservatory into a Year-Round ministry to children and adults and establishes the Kernersville Outpost. There is a also groundbreaking for the new Ken Carlson Buys & Girls Club and Grand Opening of the new Family Store on Peters Creek Parkway this year.
2007 - A Follow-up Capital Campaign, chaired by Dr. Nathan O. Hatch, construction begins on new Boys & Girls Club on Reynolds Park Road. The same year The Salvation Army celebrates 100 years of service to the Winston-Salem community, and the Kernesville Outpost gains Corps Status
2008 - May 1, Dedication of the New Boys & Girls Club at 2100 Reynolds Park Road (officially opened for the summer program, June 16, 2008), the Area Command moves from offices on Oak Street to 130 A Stratford Court
2009 - A Playground is added to the Ken Carlson Center. Later that year, The Salvation Army leases the former Triad Dodge dealership at 680 Peters Creek Parkway to serve as the Christmas Distribution Center and warehouse for the Family Store operation.

2010 - Ground is broken for the expansion of the International Corps.

2011 - June 27, a new multi-purpose building is dedicated at the International Corps, and later that year, a playground is added

2013 - The Salvation Army Social Services/Emergency Assistance Office moves to 130 A Stratford Court, next door to Area Command/ Administrative Offices.