Salvation Army after school program

Greater Winston-Salem
2018 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

In 1865 The Salvation Army was established in London, England, providing for individuals and families who were desperately poor. Today, our mission of meeting the needs of all people continues worldwide.

Why do we do what we do? The answer is simple: to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all people in all communities. We are here to replace despair with hope through programs that meet human needs. Food for an empty table. Shelter for a homeless family. Comfort in the wake of disaster. All tangible expressions of God’s love and care.

In the pages of this annual report, you will read the story of an individual who came to The Salvation Army in desperate times. We were able to help them because people like you heard God’s voice in their hearts and made the decision to help. Thank you for your support and for answering God’s call. Your generosity sustains people in need every day.

God bless you,

Majors James and Deborah Rickard

Salvation Army Christmas volunteer


Serving Davie, Forsyth, Stokes and Yadkin Counties since 1907.


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