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2017 Impact Report

Dear Friends,

In 1865, General William Booth brought the fight for good to the dark streets of Victorian London, England. He believed that ordinary people could come together and fight for the physical and spiritual welfare of the city’s poor. Today, General Booth’s fight for good continues in more than 120 countries worldwide.

In the Carolinas, The Salvation Army fights against poverty and homelessness. Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, empowering our youth, and offering assistance that keeps families in their homes are the frontlines of our fight. Your support over the past year has made the lives of those in need a little easier. It has given them hope.

In this annual report, you will read how The Salvation Army is a refuge for people in their times of need. Thanks to your support and prayers, we are always ready to provide relief for their physical, financial and spiritual needs, and to bring hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thank you for partnering with us in a fight that has lasted for more than 130 years in the Carolinas. You help provide relief for your community. You provide your neighbors in need with a tangible expression of God’s love. You fight for good.

God bless you,

Majors Stanley and Deborah Colbert

Friendly man volunteering for The Salvation Army Emergency and Disaster Response efforts

Marcia's Story

Marcia had run out of options. She and her four children had been living in a one bedroom apartment with her mother and a sister in New York City. Although she had a job she needed a better place to live so she moved her family to Winston-Salem where they lived with another relative while she searched for work. Unfortunately there she became a victim of domestic violence and had to leave for her and her family’s safety. That’s when she found herself and her children seeking refuge at The Salvation Army Center of Hope, the only emergency family homeless shelter in all of Forsyth County. There she met case manager Jemmise Bowen. Marcia says Jemmise told her, “Ms. Christopher,stop. Whatever you’re doing, just stop. Relax. Take time to breathe. Everything is going to work itself out.”

And that’s when things started to turn around for Marcia and her family. “I had an interview and got a job at Bib’s BBQ.” Working with case manager Na-Twan Robinson, Marcy found an apartment. I had looked at some places but Na-Twan said, ‘You’re not going there. I got you.’ She took me to a place I’d never seen before. It was really nice. When we moved, I literally had everything, beds, furniture, everything. When my kids saw the apartment they were like, ‘Mom, this is ours? This is where we’re going to live?’ Marcia says, “When we moved, we went home.”

Now Marcia is a prep cook at Bib’s where co-owner Robert Moreau says, “The proudest moment from my standpoint, having given Marcia a chance, and she’s doing a really good job, was when she found housing.” Moreau’s partner, Chef Mark Little continues, “I’ve told this story a number of times, how proud I was. She worked so hard. I asked her if her kids were excited about moving and she said they’d move even without furniture. They’d sleep on the floor. They just wanted a place of their own. That made it all worth it.”

Marcia says of The Salvation Army and the assistance she received, “They gave me the stepping stone so I could do it for myself.”

By the way, Marcia and her family moved into their apartment on the day before Thanksgiving, so they were truly home for the Holidays.

Advisory Board Members

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to every Advisory Board member. Thank you for bringing your passion, intellect, insight, experience, and resources to The Salvation Army. Your service and leadership are essential in changing the lives of people in our communities.

  • Zanne Baker
  • John Brady
  • Andy Brown
  • Jeff Cardwell
  • Dr. Ken Carlson
  • Christina Clarke
  • Bonnie Kay Donahue
  • Dick Glaze
  • Yvette Griffin
  • Mike Huffman
  • Dr. Cal Jeffers
  • Kay Johnson
  • Deronda Kee-Lucas
  • Aubrey Kirby
  • Martha Martinat
  • Lucy Paynter
  • Becky Perkinson
  • Frank Rayburn
  • Mike Ryan
  • Ben Schroeder
  • Karen Simon
  • Jack Sutton
  • Bryan Thompson
  • Tony Thompson
  • Tameeka Wallace
  • Rob Welch
  • Win Welch


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The Salvation Army, established in London in 1865, is one of the world’s largest and oldest providers of social services. Each year in the United States, your donations enable The Salvation Army to serve nearly 30 million people in need.

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