Welcome to Winston-Salem

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Help us meet the challenge of collecting 30 Cars in 30 Days during the month of July. In Winston-Salem you can donate your car at

Modern Toyota, 3178 Peters Creek Parkway, or

Modern Chevrolet, 5955 University Parkway.

Money raised from your donation will support THE SALVATION ARMY’s critical local programs and will change lives . . .

$500 will help 3 individuals or families keep the lights on in their home for a month through our Emergency Assistance program

$1000 will send 5 children for 1 week of summer camp to Camp Walter Johnson in Denton, North Carolina.

$2000 will provide 160 nights of shelter for someone experiencing homelessness at our Center of Hope

When you are ready to donate . . .

All you need is your keys, your title and your car. Take them to Modern Toyota or Modern Chevrolet and the dealership will take care of all the details. You will receive a letter of receipt for your taxes. If proceeds from your donation exceed $500, we will mail you a complete IRS Form 1098-C that will serve as the receipt for your charitable deduction.

If you have any questions in regards to your donation, please contact us at 336.408.5827.

Donations are tax-deductible. Boats and RVs are also accepted.