Mountain Readers

The Salvation Army of Waynesville, has started a Literacy Program that helps adults learn to read and write. Something many of us take for granted and unfortunately it is a growing epidemic. More and more people are not able to learn to read and write. Through the outstanding support of our Advisory Board and valued volunteers we were able to start the first class May 9th. If you know someone that would benefit from participating please call Dana Ball at 456-7111 ext 205.


In the words of one instructor;

"The Literacy group is made up of people dedicated to learning to read the Bible themselves, and better participate in Worship by reading hymnals, and other spiritual material. A side benefit for them is to be able to conduct personal business without aid. Participants come to the literacy class with all kinds of special needs which the Wilson Reading program addresses.

We welcome anyone who has such learning goals to join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m."

- Betsy Norton (Volunteer Instructor)