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The Salvation Army Church

You know that The Salvation Army rings the bell at Christmas. You may even be aware of the clothing, food and shelter offered year-round through the Army's programs. But it may surprise you to learn that The Salvation Army is also a Christian church and denomination, founded as an evangelical outgrowth of the Methodist tradition.

Our church doors are open to everyone, with worship services built upon the love, grace and forgiveness of God through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Our Christian worship experience is distinguished by the inspirational brass instruments accompanying the music, a tradition that dates back to church's foundation.

Whatever your background, please come and worship with us. You'll find open arms, inspiration, encouragement and hope.

The Salvation Army Corps Church facility is located at 902 Wake Forest Road in Raleigh. Worship services take place every Sunday and Wednesday, and the Church offers a variety of organized programs for seniors, adults and children. Please join us one Sunday!

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