Sponsor Our Survivors 

The Sponsor-Our-Survivor program is an opportunity for community members, groups, organizations, churches, and businesses to provide meaningful support for a survivor of human trafficking in North Carolina through financial sponsorship, encouragement, and prayer.

Sponsors are matched with a specific survivor and provide financial support covering certain needs of the survivor. Sponsors are able to interact indirectly with the survivor through updates from the survivor’s Salvation Army case manager and occasional opportunities to send cards or small care packages to the survivor.


Sponsorship Levels:

Option 1: Emergency Sponsorship   $1000
Duration: 1- 3 months
Contributes to certain basic needs such as food, clothing, and/or personal care items.

Option 2: Legal Sponsorship   $1000
Covers basic legal needs of one survivor. 

Option 3: Partial Sponsorship $2500
Duration: 6 months
Contributes to certain basic needs such as food, clothing, personal care items and, when applicable, basic legal services.

Option 4: Housing Sponsorship   $5000
Duration: 6 months
Covers full housing needs for one survivor for one year and, when applicable, basic legal services.

Option 5: Full Sponsorship   $10,000
Duration: 1 year
Covers full needs of a survivor for one year, including case management, tapered housing and, when applicable, basic legal services.


*More details about what each sponsorship level entails, including payment plans can be obtained from Project FIGHT Staff


Process for Participation

  1. Interested individuals/group leaders are invited to submit a written request for inclusion on the Sponsor a Survivor program waitlist to Project FIGHT’s Anti-Human Trafficking Training and Education Manager with The Salvation Army of Wake County including the following information: name, email/phone number, desired sponsorship level, and desired sponsorship start date.
  2. Project FIGHT staff will contact the individual/group leader when a potential survivor match becomes available to complete the match and formalize the sponsorship. Please be aware that it could take many months before we find a match for you and we can’t promise that we will find a match for you.
  3. Once you have been matched with a survivor, Project FIGHT staff will contact your group/business to discuss the details of your sponsorship, including the level of interaction and financial commitment based upon the level of sponsorship.


As each case is so specific and differs greatly, we recommend that you discuss the appropriate program with Project FIGHT staff. If you would like to learn more or have Project FIGHT staff discuss the program with your group/business, please contact the Training and Education Manager.