Project FIGHT - What We Do

Case Management

Project FIGHT has six case managers in five locations across the state of North Carolina. They provide crisis intervention and comprehensive case management for survivors of human trafficking. They coordinate the vast array of services a survivor may need. Some of the services provided include:

  • Food, housing, clothing
  • Safety planning
  • Dental and medical care
  • Mental health services
  • Identification
  • Documentation
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Immigration
  • Legal Assistance
  • English as second language classes

Awareness & Outreach

Project FIGHT has trained and educated over 4,500 professionals and comunity members on the issue of human trafficking an how individuals in our area can help combit it. The Salvation Army is available to provide Human Trafficking 101 training for groups interested in increasing community members’ awareness.  This training includes an overview of human trafficking, how to identify victims of human trafficking, examples of what human trafficking can look like in your community, who to contact for support, and what community members can do to stop human trafficking. We also offer specific trainings on a variety of topics regarding human trafficking for more advanced groups.  Please inquire for additional information on advanced group topics.

Since human trafficking is hidden in plain sight, the anti-human trafficking team is actively engaged in locating areas where human trafficking may be occurring. The anti-human trafficking team is engaging with community members, services providers, and other professionals who may know where human trafficking is occurring in their neighborhood. Project FIGHT also participates in community events and reaches out to populations that are vulngerable to becoming trafficked. 


Project FIGHT leads and participates in North Carolina's Rapid Response Teams, a collaborative victim centered emergency response team. There are nine of these teams acrosss the state. Project FIGHT leads the Trianlge location and sits on the rest of them. Project FIGHT is also involved with state and local coalitions and work groups. If you are interested in partnering us, please contact us for more information.