Women & Children's Shelter

The Salvation Army's Family Shelter houses about 85-100 women
and children daily. We rely on volunteers to help carry out and
enrich the programs that serve these families. We are always
looking for volunteers to expand our programming or to volunteer
for our existing programs. Whatever your skill set we have a place
for you!

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Must be at least 18 years old to volunteer in Shelter

Parent Workshops: Every Monday and Thursday night from 7- 8 pm, we have workshops and classes
for the women in our shelter. Many of the mothers living in our shelter have not had the same opportunities
to learn and grow that many of us have. Utilize your skills and expertise in a subject and share it with the
mothers by hosting a workshop! Workshop topics range from life skills, finances, parenting, cooking,
meditation, motivation and more!

Children’s Workshops: Every Monday and Thursday night from 7-8pm, we have workshops for the
children to attend. We are looking for volunteers to assist in running these workshops alongside Salvation
Army staff and interns. These workshops can include arts and crafts, games, or anything that you think a
child would enjoy! We also need volunteers for childcare for ages 0-5.

Family Fun Night: While it seems simple, this is a rare and precious opportunity for the mothers and children
to bond in a stress-free, fun environment. The options are endless: dance parties, crafts, beauty nights and
more! The choice is yours! If you have a special skill or would like to host a family fun night, contact the
volunteer coordinator! *This event does not happen every Wednesday and is optional. *

Shelter Mentor & Tutor: Help children in the shelter with their homework, but more importantly, serve as a
positive role model to a child in need. We are looking for dedicated teachers, parents, students, etc. to help create
and sustain this program. Monday - Thursday, 4:30pm-5:40pm

Special Events & Holiday Parties: Just like you, the families in the shelter love to have fun and celebrate, but
they do not always have the means to do so. The mothers are faced with tough decisions like saving for an apartment
or providing a birthday cake for their child. Help make milestones and holidays special for the families in our shelter!
Volunteer to host or even just decorate for a holiday party. It's amazing what a couple of colorful table clothes and goodie
bags can do to lift the spirits of the moms and kids.

Monday-Friday 6:45pm - 8:15pm; Saturday & Sundays are flexible. Must be at least 18 years old.


Shelter Meal: As a family or group, prepare a nutritious meal for the shelter residents in the comfort of your home.
Bring the meal and serve it to the women and children!

Monday-Friday (dinner); Saturday & Sunday (breakfast, lunch, or dinner): needs to be scheduled ahead of time.
Lunch is served at 12 pm. Dinner is served at 6:15 pm.

Welcome Kits: Many of the families that come to the shelter are fleeing an unsafe situation and arrive to the shelter with
literally nothing but the clothes they have on. To help create a welcoming environment, we try to have ready made
"Welcome Kits" that contain hygiene products, self-care items such as journals, and a small toy or item for the children.
Volunteer to provide welcome kits and give a sense of warmth and small comfort to the families entering our shelter.

Upgrading and Maintaining the Shelter: Are you handy? Are you creative? We are always looking for extra hands to
volunteer in and around our shelter.

Email Volunteer Coordinator for a list of ideas and projects we are currently working on.