i2i Movement - What is it?

You pass them on your way to work. You walk by them every day. Those who have no place to call home, no food to satisfy their hunger. Men, women and children who have been dehumanized by their circumstances, separated from the rest of the world by an invisible wall. You avoid looking into their eyes, because you fear what you’ll find staring back.


It’s time to break down those walls – walls we all have built.


Now is the time to Stop and interrupt our life for a brief moment. We must Connect with another human being, live life outside our comfort zone…the way it was meant to be lived.


And then Repeat.


Create a new way of living, where two pairs of eyes meet with a mutual respect, understanding and hope. Let’s experience the beauty of engaging with those around us.  Let’s serve others and be served in return, erasing the hurt and loneliness of those living on the street…and ultimately, our own.


Take five minutes to interrupt your life. Look someone in the eye. Offer them a bottle of water or a can of food that can help meet a physical need. But more than that, meet the spiritual need of human connectedness. Then share your story with us…with others.


And start a movement.

What's my first step?