i2i Movement - What's My First Step?

We are offering an i2i bottle of water for you to take your first step towards starting a movement.


It's just a simple bottle of water - but it has the power to change lives.


Pick up your bottle of water, complete with an i2i sticker that has information about how an individual can get more help from The Salvation Army's programs, at the Center of Hope


We can even give you a sheet of i2i stickers, so that you can Repeat the process. 


Please note...safety is the MOST important thing! Be sure that before you give your bottle of water to someone, you are in a safe environment (well-lit, with other people around, and not in a hazardous environment). Then, simply share the bottle and share a smile with someone!


Then Share Your Story with us, and with the world! You just might start a movement.