After-School & Track-Out Programs

The Salvation Army's After-school and Track-out Programs provide a safe and positive environment for children (ages 5-14) to learn more about God, meet new friends and become more self-sufficient. The many activities focus on developing a child's mind, body and spirit...but to the kids, it's all just fun and games!

Some components of the After-school Program, serving both traditional and modified calendar schools, include:

  • Bible study
  • Tutoring through the REACH Program
  • Learning to engage in a healthy lifestyle
  • Recreational activities
  • A fenced in playground
  • Developing hobbies and interests through photography, arts and crafts, chorus and journalism
  • Community Service Club
  • Book Club
  • Cheerleading
  • Athletics
  • Computer lab
  • Girls on the Run

Please see a list of schools we serve below: 














 East Garner






 Walnut Creek


Torchligh Academy-Drop Off





 Centennial Campus-Drop Off

 East Garner

 East Millbrook


 Moore Square

 North Garner

 Wake Young Men's Leadership

 Wake Young Women's Leadership