Christmas Signup Frequently Asked Questions

Wake County Angel Tree Registration 2021 Online FAQ and Tips

  • How do I register for Wake County Angel Tree 2021?
    To register your child(ren) 12 years old and younger please visit Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click “NO” for the Invitation Code and then enter your Wake County Zip Code. The registration link for Wake County, NC is only open 8am Monday, October 4th through 8pm Sunday, October 10th. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please enter your correct Zip Code here. You will not be able to change your zip code once you are into the application.

  • I want to complete the application in Spanish
    Click on Change Language in the top right-hand corner of the page, then click on Spanish.

  • I am getting the message: This zip code (27604) is not currently being serviced by this online system. Please contact your local Salvation Army for information on how to apply in your area.

  • You must have a Zip Code within Wake County. If you live outside of Wake County, North Carolina, you will need to contact your local Salvation Army for their Angel Tree Registration dates and process. To find contact information for your local Salvation Army you can visit and enter your Zip Code.


    If you live within Wake County, the application registration period is between 8am on Monday, October 4th and Sunday October 10th at 8pm. These are the only times the Wake County Angel Tree application will be open.
  • What documents do I need to upload to apply:
    You must upload all necessary documents in order to complete and submit your application. If you do not complete your application with documents uploaded and hit submit before 8pm on Sunday October 10th, 2021, you will not be registered for the 2021 Angel Tree Program. Photo ID (for yourself, you must be the parent or have proof you are the legal guardian for the children.) · Proof of current Wake County address, if different from your photo ID. If your address is correct on your photo ID please upload it here again. · Proof that you are the parent or legal guardian of each child you are registering. Document(s) must have your name and the name of each child you are registering. (Birth Certificate, Shot Record, or School Record). The document must also have the child’s “Date of Birth” on it. You must upload one document per child you are registering. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be the parent or legal guardian of all the children you are registering. Any children entered on your application who do not have appropriate documentation attached showing you are the parent or guardian will be removed from the application. If you have a family member or friend who needs to register their children, they will need to complete their own separate application.
  • What information do I need to know about my child before getting started with the application?

    You will have the opportunity to enter 2 toy/gift wants for each child you are registering. These are from a drop down list of options. You will also need to know the clothing type and sizes for each child you are registering. The sizes you will need are for shoe size, coat size, pant size and shirt size. It is important that you enter these correctly because this is what the donor will use to shop for your children’s items. You may want to think ahead to what your child will be wearing by December 2021, especially if entering an infant or baby.
  • I’ve started an application but need to finish at a later time or find my necessary documents to complete.

    Once you begin an application you will get the below message and an email will be sent to the email address you used in the application. Please ONLY follow the link provided in the email. DO NOT start a new application. Please remember that your application MUST be completed and submitted before 8pm on October 10th. IMPORTANT NOTE: The email address you enter is important for all further communications on picking up your items. Please make sure you enter an email address

    that you check / have access to and that you have entered it correctly

    Once you click on the link in that email you will enter your Zip Code and Date of Birth. After hitting Next you will have access to complete your already started application.

  • I am getting an error message that the Angel is beyond the maximum age.
    Each child that you are registering must still be age 12 or younger on Christmas day. If they will turn 13 before December 25th, 2021, you will not be able to register them for the Angel Tree program. We will be checking the entered birth dates with the documents uploaded. Please do not enter a birthdate that does not match their documents.

    What is a “Clothing Type” ?
    Clothing type is what department in the store you shop for your child’s clothing. This is important to let the donor know what department to shop in. For example a size 2 in Girls clothing is very different than a size 2 in Womens.

  • How do I register more than one child?
    Once you enter the information for your first child you will see the below prompt. Click “Yes” to register additional children. After entering each child you will get this prompt. Once you have entered all of your Angel Tree age children, click “No” to continue with the application process.

  • How do I sign for the application?
    Once you have entered all of your child(ren)’s information you will come to the signature page. You will need to click to agree and then click within the box below “Select the box below to add your signature”. A Signature box will pop up and use your mouse on your PC or your finger on your phone to enter your signature, Click apply signature and then click “Next."

  • I am having issues uploading my documents.
    To upload the required documents you will need to click on the Browse button beside the box for each necessary document type. You will then select the document from your files and the yellow “Upload” button will then pop up beside the box for your document. You MUST click the yellow button to attach the file. Once all necessary documents are attached you will see each document listed under each category’s boxes and you will need to click “Next”

  • I’ve uploaded all of my documents, is my application now complete?
    Not quite yet. You will then see the below page. You will want to check to ensure that all of your documents are correctly listed and hit the “submit” button. A Warning box will pop up reminding you to check that all of your documents are correct as changes cannot be made after. Once you are sure your application is complete, you must hit the “submit” button with that box to finalize your application. So you will hit 2 “Submit” buttons to complete your application.

  • How do I know if my application is completed?
    Your application is not complete until you get the below page. Once you see the page showing this message, you will know that your application is submitted. The application will then be reviewed by staff for approval. Once approved, you will receive an email with your Family ID number and pickup information.
  • What happens after I complete and submit my application?
    You will then receive a follow up email with your date, time and location for Angel Tree pick up. This may take up to 4 days as all applications and documents have to be reviewed and confirmed before making the appointments that will prompt your pick up email confirmation.

  • What happens when my application is reviewed?
    Salvation Army staff will review all applications to ensure the applicant is a Wake County resident, is the parent or guardian of the child(ren) registered and that all children registered will be 12 year old or younger on Christmas Day 2021. If there is something missing or incorrect in your application, the staff will return the application to you and you will receive an email with the information that needs added or corrected and a link to re-access the application to make those corrections.

  • Why was my application denied?
    If the Date of Birth entered for a child does not match the documentation uploaded, if the documentation uploaded does not show the applicant as the child’s parent or legal guardian, if the applicant does not have a Wake County address, or if the child entered will be 13 years or older by Christmas Day 2021, then the application will be denied. We will first reach out to the applicant to ask for clarification or additional documents before denying an application. Any duplicate applications will also be denied. All children you are registering within your household MUST be under 1 application.

  • How do I receive my gifts?
    You will receive an email with your date, time and location to pickup your gifts. Please be aware the pickup location may change before the date of pick up so please keep a lookout for followup emails. If you have not received an email with the updated address for pickup by December 5th, 2021 please check our website at: . On the date and time of your pickup you will come to the Christmas location and gifts will be given out in a drive-thru process. You will need to have your Photo ID and a copy of your confirmation email with your Angel Tree Family ID number or you can show the email on your phone or other device.

  • What if I cannot come at my exact pickup appointment time?
    Please arrive on or after your appointment time- we are not able to assist anyone before their scheduled date and time because we might not have all of the items ready yet. But you can arrive after - the last pickup time is at 3:30pm on December 16th. Our distribution site appointments are all scheduled December 14th through 16th between 8:30 and 4pm

  • What if I need to send someone else to pick up my Angel Tree Gifts?
    If you need to send another person to pick up the gifts for you- they need to come on or after your scheduled appointment time with your Photo ID, their Photo ID and your Angel Tree confirmation email or printed ticket.

  • What if I did not get my gifts before December 16th at 4pm?
    Unfortunately, since we do not own the location we use for Christmas, we have to pack up all items on Friday December 17th. For that reason 12pm (noon) on Friday, December 17th at the Christmas Location will be the very last date and time you will be able to receive your gifts.

  • What if I am expecting a baby, can I register my child?
    You can register for your child while pregnant if you have a due date that is before December 25, 2021 and have documentation to upload that corresponds to that due date. You will need to enter the day you register as your child’s date of birth. This will be checked with the uploaded document showing your due date by staff before approval. You do not need to upload any personal medical information other than a portion of a document that shows your name, your child’s due date.

  • I’ve registered in past years, do I need to fill out all of my information again?
    Yes, our system does not save information from previous years. So you will need to enter all information for the 2021 season.

  • What if I deleted the Angel Tree confirmation email?
    You will receive a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment. This will have your confirmation ticket with your Family ID number and date, time and address for pickup along with any other instructions you will need. If you arrive at your pickup and you do not have the email or printed copy, we can look you up by your Photo ID when you arrive, just be prepared to wait an additional few minutes for us to access that information and if it is not your appointment time yet you will have to wait until that appointment time or after to receive your gifts.

  • I accidentally entered the wrong clothing sizes or toy wish items?
    If you realize you have entered the information incorrectly, please email us ASAP at

  • What if I never received my confirmation email?
    If you completed your entire application but have not received your confirmation email, please email us at It could be that you accidentally entered your email address incorrectly, might not be fully complete or might need additional or corrected documents. We can determine that through email communication. Please be aware that during the open application window, it may take a few days for us to approve all of the applications due to the large volume.

  • What if I missed the application window?
    Unfortunately due to the large volume of families we have register each year, we are unable to hold any makeup dates for applications. This is why we have the online applications open 24/7 for a full week to accommodate those who might be working or have other obligations during regular hours.

  • What if I have additional questions?
    You can email any questions to Emails will be returned by staff Monday through Friday. You can contact us at (919) 858-2197 for questions as well. This phone line will only be answered Monday October 4th through Friday October 8th between the hours of 9am to 4pm.

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