​Giving back what has been given to me

This is a testimonial from one of our clients.

It was July 27, 2019 when my husband was kicking me out of my house. He wanted to take the kids, but I believed that they are a part of me and it was impossible for me to leave them and
go. It was a hard challenge and I felt hopeless and lost. I met a lady in the Islamic Association of Raleigh who helped me and brought me to The Salvation Army of Wake County. I will never forget the first meeting with Mr. Gruver. While I felt that my situation is hard and life became dark in my eyes, Mr. Gruver changed that feeling and gave me hope. In the first meeting, he immediately set a comprehensive plan on having a job, working on housing, and applying for food stamps and Medicaid. He also afforded me clothing and other items. After the darkness, I began to feel safe and confident because of my stay at The Salvation Army. There were regular meetings between Mr. Gruver and I or Ebony and I to discuss any improvement in my situation and to check on me to see if I needed anything. Because of the great people and cooperation I had, I never felt that it was a shelter the way other people looked at it. Actually, it was my real home that I had come to love so much. My two children and I enjoyed our stay in that safe environment. Because of the understanding and encouragement I received from Mr. Gruver, I had enough confidence to improve myself. Because of their hard work, I was blessed to have Section 8 housing. I finally got a stable place with my kids on August 21, 2020. I received good beds and a nice dining room table from The Salvation Army
as well as other nice items for my new home. While at one time I was frustrated and hopeless, I now appreciate this experience because it made me better and stronger. I don’t have enough words to show my appreciation for Mr. Gruver and The Salvation Army staff. I will always remember your support and keep you in my prayers. I also would love to volunteer with you anyway that I can. You are my first family with no exaggeration. I love you all and wish more success in your mission. Let me know if I can assist further. Thanks for everything.

The Salvation Army of Wake County strives daily to help those in the community who are struggling get back on their feet. You can help us, help them. Consider making a donation because it takes an army.

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