TSA Wake County Fan Giveaway

The Salvation Army of Wake County will host a fan giveaway on Saturday, August 8 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Judy D. Zelnak Center of Hope parking lot at the Justus and Jo Ellen Ammons Warehouse, 1863 Capital Blvd., Raleigh. Westlake Ace Hardware and The Salvation Army partnered for a fan drive which took place June 4-21 at the four Westlake Ace Hardware stores in Wake County and raised a total of $2873.87, enough for TSA Wake County to receive 214 fans.

“It has been so hot lately and we are proud to help be a benefit those in Wake County who are in need of some relief from this extremely hot weather,” said Katie Ward Gonzalez, director of social services for TSA Wake County. “We are thankful to the community for its support in contributing the funds and to Westlake Ace Hardware.”

Fans will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Persons wanting to receive a fan will need to have photo ID and proof of Wake County residency. TSA staff members will then place the fan in clients' cars.

Donations amounted to $130,000 in just 18 days, equating to more than 9,100 fans nationally.

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