#WakeArmy Happening for Week of 8/28/17

#WakeArmy Family,

Here are some things you need to know about The Salvation Army of Wake County's efforts to help those in Texas. Please share this information with others as well.

At this time, offers of in-kind donations outside the disaster area are not needed. The Salvation Army is not encouraging in-kind donation drives -- at least until the storm abates and we have a better idea of the extent of the damage and key needs. If there is a need to request in-kind goods from the general public, additional guidance will be disseminated about how to do so appropriately.

The Salvation Army is:
  • Deploying 42 mobile kitchens and two field kitchens to Texas. In addition to units already based in Texas, mobile kitchens from Arkansas and Oklahoma are being sent to the region over the weekend.
  • Each of these Salvation Army mobile kitchens can serve an average of 1,500 meals per day.
  • Staging emergency supplies such as cleanup kits, water, and food at its 100,000 sq. ft. disaster center in Arlington, Texas, and at points nearer to the coast.
  • Working closely with local and state emergency management officials and nonprofit partner organizations like AmeriCares (which is providing bottled water) and Midwest Food Bank (which is providing food boxes).
  • Positioning disaster leadership teams in San Antonio, Galveston/Texas City, Houston, and Corpus Christi.
  • Preparing units in Louisiana and other Gulf Coast states to respond to potential flooding from Hurricane Harvey.
  • Staffing the Texas State Operations Center in Austin, TX, and FEMA’s National Response Coordination Center in Washington, D.C.
  • The Salvation Army of Corpus Christi is concentrating their early efforts to feed 200 first-responders that are staged at the FEMA Safety Shelter.
How you can help NOW:
The following donations channels have been established to begin raising funds for this event:
  • Online: helpsalvationarmy.org
  • Donate by phone: 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Mail checks to: The Salvation Army PO BOX 1959 Atlanta, GA 30301 Please designate 'Hurricane Harvey' on all checks.
  • To receive a donation link via text: Text STORM to 51555


The Salvation Army recruits and deploys trained and screened disaster workers who are affiliated with a local Salvation Army unit. To register as a disaster worker:

If you are a new volunteer registering today, bear in mind that The Salvation Army typically uses trained disaster workers already associated with The Salvation Army FIRST.

The following link will provide you the latest information on what's happening on the ground in Texas http://disaster.salvationarmyusa.org/news/2017/08/30/hurricane-harvey-the-salvation-army-disaster-relief-update

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