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This story about a local Wake County family is from the view of Taylor, a Project CATCH Case Manager, and is a glimpse into the life of the families she works with and some of the hardships they are facing.


When I received the Jones’ family referral there was a note that explained a recent tragedy, Catherine and Anthony’s 4th born son had died suddenly June 2013. The family had not been connected with any counseling since the death and the referral expressed great concern regarding the family’s current well-being. While meeting with the family, Catherine shared how her 4 children (ages 17, 15, 14, and 8) were dealing with their brother’s death. Losing a child is always traumatic regardless of the situation, she said, but can be especially difficult to find help, feel safe, and tend to basic needs such as food and clothing when homeless. These extra hardships place stress on the family and pull focus away from psychological stability placing it on physical stability. The children were reluctant to therapy so Catherine had me explain what therapy involves and how it is a safe place to work through difficult memories and experiences. After some discussion and conversation the children were open to the idea and expressed they looked forward to it. We made 5 referrals that day to a counseling agency in hopes of providing some relief and support to the Jones family. During a follow up phone call about a month later Catherine said her children were still seeing their therapists and beginning to see benefits. Although the family will always suffer from the loss of their son and brother they now have hope in how to cope with grief and can continue in their journey to stability.

Wake County Public School System is no longer able to make Mental Health referrals. Therefore Project CATCH is essential in connecting families similar to the Jones’ to appropriate agencies. 


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