Project FIGHT recognized by the State of North Carolina

 Project FIGHT Team: 

Left to right - Christine Shaw, Director of Social Ministries; Dale Alton, Project FIGHT Coordinator, & Jessica Porta, Training & Education Manager. 

Project FIGHT stands for Freeing Individuals Gripped by Human Trafficking.  This program began in 2011, and we never thought it would grow as much or as quickly as it has.  To date, this program has assisted over 140 victims of human trafficking and has trained over 4500 people across the state.  Project FIGHT provides case management, outreach, awareness and education about human trafficking. 

On Friday, January 9, 2015, The North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission, in observance of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, held a breakfast to thank some of those across the state working to end human trafficking.  Project FIGHT was presented with the Survivor Care Award, one of seven awards given during the event. 

The Salvation Army’s Director of Social Ministries, Christine Shaw, reflects on this event:

My heart is full today with gratitude and praise.  This morning I watched Project FIGHT accept a state award for their service to victims of human trafficking.  I feel compelled to share my thanks to those that have helped make this program happen: 

The Salvation Army and Major Costas were willing to stand up against this horrific crime. They, along with our advisory board and Paige Bagwell trusted enough to take a chance on an idea to help survivors.  Project FIGHT staff, both current and prior, have established quality work and relationships that continue to provide referrals and services throughout North Carolina.  There are many community partners, law enforcement officers, and others that devote time and effort towards ending this crime.

While the work is exhausting, it is a privilege to be a part of something much, much larger than ourselves.  I am humbled by God’s provision and planning.  I am humbled by everyone’s perseverance to endure such difficult work.  Thank you for allowing God to use you in his FIGHT to free those enslaved.



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