Volunteer Hightlight: Laura & the Rosenbrock Family

From Ives Maready: As the Volunteer Coordinator, I have the pleasure of working with so many amazing people wanting to help the community. This month, we’d like to highlight one volunteer who made a pledge to make a difference in her community. Meet Laura Rosenbrock

1. How did you get involved with The Salvation Army?  One of my close friends, Lydia, is a social worker at the Salvation Army.  Through her, I learned all the amazing services the Salvation Army provides the community.  Your slogan, "Doing the most good," really rings true with me; I honestly believe that is what you all are doing.  

2. You've made a pledge to collect cans for the food pantry. What made you choose to do this?  I had the chance to tour the new Salvation Army building on Capital Boulevard, and I was so impressed with it.   All the spaces were so well done.  I was particularly wowed by the size of the pantry and the possibility it held for helping feed our friends and neighbors in need.  After the building opened, I learned that the pantry was next to empty, which meant that not as many families in our community could be helped.  This was unacceptable to me, and I made a pledge in August of 2013 to bring in food each month.  In my eyes, it is the least I can do, and I hope it helps makes at least one person's life that much easier.

3. How and why have you involved your children?  I have two children, Anneka, who is 6.5 years old, and Rhys, who is 3.  They both love to help me shop for groceries and deliver them to the Salvation Army.  I've involved my children in this because I truly believe you learn by doing.  My mother taught me so much by her actions and the way she treated others, and I want to do the same for my kids.  I think this experience and these memories will last a lifetime and inspire them to be better people and to always care for others.

4. Can you describe a typical or a reference a specific experience collecting/dropping off food with your kids?  A Salvation Army shopping trip is a fun time for Anneka, Rhys, and me.  We talk about what foods look tasty, and we look for great deals so that we can buy even more food to share.  As we are shopping, we discuss where the food is going and how it will positively affect lives in our community.  It's always a treat to deliver the food to the Salvation Army because we get to see our great friend, Lydia!  And it is very exciting for the kids to get the cart, unload the groceries, and bring it all in.  Rhys especially gets a big kick out of helping put the food on the shelves in the pantry.  

5. What have you all as a family gotten out of volunteering and donating in this capacity?  It makes us feel a bit more balanced, and it makes us feel more a part of the Wake County community.  Knowing that we are possibly making somebody's load a little lighter, maybe even their life a little happier, means the world to us.  

6. What would you tell other families wanting to get involved?  Do it!  Look for good sales, and check for coupons.  Even if you feel that you can't do much, a little bit will go a long way to help somebody whose cabinets need filling.  This is such an easy way to help your fellow neighbors, and it is a much-needed service.  Let's keep the Salvation Army pantry filled and ready to help those in need!


From the staff and everyone at The Salvation Army of Wake, we extend a tremendous "THANK YOU!" to Laura and her family for helping so many in our community!!


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