As the Summer Heat Rises, so does Food Insecurity in Wake County

Food is a major need, and food insecurity is a growing concern in WakeCounty – especially in the summer months. Families struggling to make ends meet are faced with the choice of rent or food. During the summer, children who normally receive a meal through free or reduce lunch meals may not have anything to eat.


To make matters worse, during the summer food donations are not on our minds the same way it is during Thanksgiving or Christmas time. Everyone is busy with camps or going on vacations – hunger is not always on the forefront of the mind. Therefore, donations go down. So simultaneously as the need for food intensifies, the resources become scarce.


Limited resources are felt throughout the county and have already hit The Salvation Army. With only a few jars of peanut butter and a couple of bags of pasta, our Food Pantry shelves are essentially empty. Even with purchasing food at the Food Bank, we were only able to provide for 12 families. Because of the shortage, we will have to pause our Food Assistance program for a while, which normally gives out a week's worth of groceries to 50 families every week. 


We need YOUR help.


Donations of canned or nonperishable goods are crucial this time of year. Food drives are a tremendous help, but can be tough to start. Here's how you can help:

  • Host a Food Drive: download our Food Drive Tool Kit, filled with flyers and tips

  • Donate a few cans: next time you're at the grocery store, think about picking up a few extra cans. Lots of small donations can make a big impact.

  • Spread the word: share on facebook, tweet, email your friends - let them know of the need and how they can help.  

  • Take a cue from Laura: Get your kids and family involved! Give them the lesson of giving back, while fighting hunger. Read about Laura & her family here.


Canned and Nonperishable food can be dropped off at:

Judy D. Zelnak Center of Hope

163 Capital Blvd

Raleigh, NC 27604


No child should spend their summer worrying about their next meal. Donate food and beat hunger.



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Head Chef, Michelle, puts on a smile for the camera, but knows these next few months will be hard to provide for hungry families.