Make an Impact One Box of Cereal at a Time

The Salvation Army Center of Hope has allowed for expansion of several programs. Including the women and children’s shelter! With almost 80 people living in the shelter, we need more food to keep them healthy and nourished. 

Picture it: 6 dozen eggs, plus 2-3 gallons of milk - that's just breakfast for one day!

In addition to the soup line and shelter meals, we also have a Food Assistance program that provides families with a week’s worth of groceries. With cuts in food stamps and the cold weather causing higher heating bills, families have to choose between warmth and food. So we’ve seen an increase in families coming for assistance. To provide groceries to 50 families each week, the pantry requires:

  • 650 canned goods (vegetables, fruits, meats, etc)
  • 250 nonperishable items (rice, pasta, sides)
  • 50 jars of peanut butter
  • 50 boxes of cereal
  • 50 jars of spaghetti sauce

With all of these factors, the food pantry has been working overtime and is struggling to meet the demand. A couple of cans or a box a cereal can really make a difference to a hungry child and means the world to parent doing everything they can to provide for their family.

Help these families and even earn volunteer hours by doing a food drive! Download our Food Drive Tool Kit, pick up a couple extra cans, or take a cue from our Advisory Board and focus on one product, like pasta. Even a few items makes a huge impact.  

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