The Salvation Army of Wake County -

Over 130 years of fighting the good fight

In 1887 The Salvation Army began serving the people of Wake County by aiding over 500 prisoners
in the state penitentiary. Since that time, we have been providing food, clothing, shelter and countless
services to assist those in need.

The Twentieth Century brought depression, wars and even prosperity. But whatever the climate of society,
need was ever-present. And The Salvation Army was always there to comfort, nurture, give refuge. In 1929
we aided 1405 individuals and dealt with 1,308 cases of family poverty. And in 1937, we were able to
purchase the Person Street property and in 2013, we were able to purchase the Capital Blvd. property
where our headquarters presently stand. With soldiers returning from the European and Pacific battlefields,
and families losing members to the fighting, World War II brought a major increase in the number of people
who needed help. In 1940 alone, The Salvation Army served 9,641 meals, gave 4,338 persons free lodging
and provided clothing for over 1,000. By 1967 over 29,000 people were being assisted annually, and we
began construction on our new Community Service Center. Over the following decade, the number served
each year continued to rise.

Wake County continued to grow as a new Century turned. Yet there is still no reprieve from poverty, despair,
hopelessness. But we are still here, doing Good. We serve over 100,000 people per year now. And we go
wherever we are needed, supplying essentials – tangible and spiritual, supporting the young and old…
providing love in action.