Heritage Society/Hope Brigade

The Hope Brigade is our way of recognizing and thanking planned giving donors who will help us continue our life-changing work for years to come. Planned gifts may include: a gift through a Will or Living Trust, beneficiary designation on an IRA, insurance policy or investment account, a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, pooled income fund, or retained life estate. Membership serves as testimony of the donor’s support of The Salvation Army, and encourages others to support the Army through their estate plans. Heritage Society and Hope Brigade members help The Salvation Army fulfill its promise to “Do the Most Good for the Most People in the Most Need.”

James F. & Hannah R. Bagwell

Prentiss & Joan Baker

Jack M. Bilson, Jr.

Miss. Kim McCarthy

Forstene W. Johnson

Forstene W. Johnson

Malory Boswell

Frances Wells Boyst

William M. Boyst, Jr (III)

David E. Bradley

J. Tom & Linda Broach

Jane Capps

Dr. Kenneth P. Carlson

L. Lee Chambers

Robert & Rebecca Davis

John M. Draughn

Elizabeth Randall Drawdy
(Mrs. Horace)

John W. & Hannelore S. Durfee

Charles B. Fort

Julian B. Friday, Jr.

Richard & Edna Geller

Sara Graham

Joyce M. Graves

Tom & Donna Grove

Clyde H. Harriss, Jr.

Goldston F. & Ann M. Harris

Majors Allan & Lorraine Hausner

Richard E. Hollis

William P. Hoogendonk II

Martha T. Hoogendonk

Charles Johnson

Ava and Bill Koronis InFinity Fund

Ellen T. Hayden

R. Frank Larew

David Lusk

C. Douglas Mayes

John & Christina McConville

Dr. Sue A. McCutcheon

Howard & Julia McSwain

Betty Nelson

Brig. Gen. Gary H. Pendelton

Roger & Colleen Plott

Harrison Rearden

Ben Rex

Royce Reynolds

Jim Joseph Richardson

Anita Sprinkle Roberts
(In memory of Foster C. "Pluto" Sprinkle)

Edward C. & Joanne F. Ruff

Dr. & Mrs. Bill Scarlett

Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Nancy Self

Jane Perry Shoemaker

Steve & Amy Short

Charles Snoddy

Sarah H. Taylor

Bruce & Linda Thomas

Claire Usher

Judy & Richard Vinroot

Roger Wray

Ann Marie Zalewski

Frank Dougherty, PhD

Robert C. Woods

Charlotte Lunsford Berry

William Goacher

Bill & Wanda Musgrave

Tom & Barbara Robertson

J. Michael Kelly

Davis H. Kirby

Charlotte Lunsford Berry

Frank I. Dougherty, PhD

Michael & Marsha Costigan

Cosette Ropiak Kretzu

J. David Anthony

Marianne Schul

Drs. Cotesworth & Shirley Fishburne

Mark & Mandy Ackerman

Haydèe & John W. Teager

Ella K. Washburne

Jeanne Bredbeck

Suzanne Garden

William and Carol Lorenz

John & Karen Springthorpe

Jean P. Reese

Gayrie Case-Lorick

Nicholas C. Menyhard

Don Anderson

Robert Guinn

Annabelle George

Capt. Ronald C. Plunkett

David F. Collard, M.D.
Paul Guthrie
Josie Guthrie Robert A. BlaylockRobert A. Blaylock