How to Help During Disaster

It can be difficult to imagine how disasters may affect those impacted, and yet we all feel an immediate need to help in any way we can. There are several ways that you can help during times of disaster.

The Salvation Army Responds

When disasters strike, they can be unpredictable and unrelenting. For those of us fortunate enough not to be impacted, we see images of fellow citizens – just like us in many ways – who need help restoring their lives and getting back on their feet. Across the United States and around the world, The Salvation Army responds to bring basic needs and spiritual care to those that need it most.

We also rely on you – our supporters and concerned friends – to help provide the resources used in times of disaster. 100% of the funds raised for our disaster efforts are used directly in the impacted areas. Our infrastructure and the support of our volunteers help ensure that no administrative or other costs are deducted from your donations.

We are committed to Doing the Most Good that we possibly can with your donations every day. This is especially true during times of restoration.

Giving Financially During Disasters

Many people wonder about how to best help during times of disaster response. While you can imagine that disaster survivors often lose everything from those clothes to their homes, the best way to help is to provide financial contributions.

Financial contributions are much more easily routed to local disaster areas whereas donated items — such as food, water, and clothing — require more complicated logistics and have associated transportation costs. Your financial gifts also allow The Salvation Army to quickly assess and meet the on-site needs of individuals while helping to provide financial stability to the local economy.


Volunteers provide critical service to those individuals impacted by disaster. More than just labor, volunteers bring their own personality, enthusiasm for the work, and infectious spirits. Each volunteer hour logged in the response to disaster means that additional resources can be delivered directly to those who need them.

Many disaster survivors are processing what it means to have to rebuild their entire lives. When you volunteer with The Salvation Army's Emergency & Disaster Services (EDS), you are directly impacting the lives of people who simply need someone to care.

To learn more or to begin the process., please visit our national Disaster Services website

More Information

National Disaster Resources

The Salvation Army collects all of its disaster news, resources, and opportunities at our national Disaster Services website ( Volunteers and Employees can use this resource to maintain their profile, register for training opportunities, and keep up with the latest news and stats.

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