Angel Tree Corporate Sponsorships

Because The Salvation Army of Spartanburg and Union Counties serve more than 2,000 families through our Angel Tree program, we must begin early! Applications for Christmas assistance begin in October which allows us to obtain all documentation from the participants.

The way our Corporate Angel Tree Program works is simple. Companies, church groups, families or clubs request the number of angels they would like to make available for adoption to the group’s employees and/or members. The angels are picked up from The Salvation Army beginning November 1 and then display them so that your employees or group members have the opportunity to pick out and adopt an angel. They shop for gift(s) for their angel, then return them to the group sponsor or employer in time to be delivered to our Christmas Warehouse by December 10. The gift(s) are then distributed to the needy in our community through our Christmas Warehouse.

Please contact our Social Services Director, Nisha Bhatti @ 864.576.6670 for more information.