Volunteer with The Salvation Army:

  1. To make a difference. Volunteering for The Salvation Army offers a unique chance to change lives and support communities. Your efforts will provide a true difference in the quality of life of those in need.
  2. To gain practical experience. The people skills and experiences you will gain as a volunteer will help you to excel in any profession.
  3. To grow as a person. Whether you are seeking to develop your spirituality or to improve your character, working to help others is an experience that will help you find greater compassion and appreciation in your life. Volunteering is an excellent means of character exploration and development for men, women, and youth of all ages.
  4. To network. There are social and professional benefits from getting to know other good, caring people. Professionally, you never know who knows who, and your chance acquaintances made through performing volunteer work may reward you in the future. Numerous studies also suggest that networking and forming positive social affiliations will positively influence your mental health and moods.
  5. To improve your resume. If you are a student, gaining volunteer experience can make a great difference when you are applying to college or for scholarships.

Don’t Forget to Volunteer to help families in need for the holiday seasons. Ask about how you can help during the holiday season. 864.576.6670

How Can I Volunteer?

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Debra Wright at 864.576.6670 or email Debra.Wright@uss.salvationarmy.org for opportunities of service.