The Red Caboose Project

Behr Paint Corporation and Home Depot  Team-Up To Donate paint and funds towards The Salvation Army Caboose Project.

The Salvation Army’s Red Caboose has been a staple center piece at The Salvation Army Corps Community Center. For years, The Red Caboose has stood as a mark of history and symbolized unity between the community and The Salvation Army. Many football games have been announced from the little Red Caboose as it has stood as a conversation piece for new comers and visitors.

The Salvation Army Athletic director, Shawn Graves, has made it his endeavor to revitalize the Red Caboose. The Caboose was donated by Southern Railroad in 1977 and sponsored by The Breakfast optimist club for the use of Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Jr. Optimists. Sponsors like Behr Paint Corporation and Home Depot are helping us maintain and improve the looks of the Red Caboose.

How The Project Began

Coach Graves stepped onto the Football Field and looked around. He smiled as he described his passion for football. Coach Graves was one of the best quarterbacks of his time. He played for the Wofford Terriers from 1989 to 1992, setting NCAA records and school records. Although he has seen many football fields during his time playing football, he described The Salvation Army’s field as ‘distinguished.’ “This field is distinguished; it’s like none I’ve ever seen. This Caboose sets this field apart from any other field out there. No one has this. It’s the first and last thing visitors see when they enter our stadium.”

Upon seeing the caboose, Mr. Graves and Salvation Army board member, Kay Lee, worked tirelessly to see that the outside grounds and caboose were revitalized. With the help of Home Depot and Behr Paint Corporation The Salvation Army is now able to begin the revitalization of The Red Caboose.

Behr Paint Corporation has donated 13 gallons of paint towards this project and continues to be great support and help to The Salvation Army. In addition, Home Depot donated $100 towards The Caboose Project. The Executive Director, Candy Ferguson, expressed her gratitude for the two companies, “Home Depot continues to show their support for The Salvation Army and their community. They have come out to our community events to help our children do small projects. They have been a blessing to our organization and we are grateful for the support they continue to have for The Salvation Army. Both corporations have been a huge help, and we are just thankful for them.”

More Than Just A Project

The Caboose is special because it’s part of our history. So many times, adults come in and tell stories about the red caboose and Mr. Jack Rhodehamel (the late Exec. Director of The Salvation Army). They brag about the impact that The Salvation Army has had on their lives. Every day, The Salvation Army has an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. From social services to the Corps Community Center, we are investing in the lives of others…offering a hand up in times of need. We are The Salvation Army of Spartanburg, and just like the little red caboose, we are different. We aren’t just a community center or after school program. We are investors; investing in the children of our future with a foundation built on Christ.  

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