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Community Leader Volunteering Since 1990

Jean Gardner Fowler is a woman who has vision and a heart of service. Some years ago, Jean saw nothing but open field near her Una home every time she passed by The Salvation Army. However, when plans of construction for The Salvation Army park were being made, she described a place which replicates what is now known as The Salvation Army Community Park.

Her vision and passion for The Salvation Army and her community has not ceased. Jean and her good friend Kathy Mahaffey are often seen beautifying The Salvation Army grounds any way they can. Just recently, the two joined forces with Mr. Ed Hines, owner of Ed Hines Landscaping, to improve the landscaping grounds at The Salvation Army Community Center.

For Mr. Hines, it was a no brainer to donate shrubs  and plants to The Community Center, he explained, “This is the only park in our area (Fairforest & Una/Saxon area) , we want to take care of it.” Along with Mr. Hines,  Jean managed to get the help of Mr. Kevin Parris. Mr. Parris is known for  his landscaping work at Spartanburg Community College. Yet, to The Salvation Army, he’s known as an outstanding volunteer that has used his skills to help plan for more landscaping improvements, which will include an addition of shrubs, plants, and mulch.

We asked Mrs. Fowler what’s her drive behind her passion of volunteering and she answered in the most genuine way.  “The Salvation Army does so much for other people, that’s why I want to do something for them…all of us, that’s why we do it. That’s why we volunteer. We give, because they give.”

This month, I challenge you to follow the heart of Mrs. Jean Fowler and give. When you give, you help The Salvation Army continue to give to those in the most need. Thank you Mrs. Jean Fowler for your long time service to The Salvation Army, we are full of gratitude for your dedication and heart for your community! God Bless You.   

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