9 Year Old Boy Donates His Birthday To The Salvation Army

  On December 9th, a young boy stepped into The Salvation      Army with a letter, a smile, and one birthday wish. On  December 22nd, Noah Mcabee will celebrate his 9th birthday. When his mother asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he selflessly wished that he could help other people. After reassuring his mother that giving up his birthday to help others is what he really wanted, she gathered their belongings and took him to The Salvation Army.

The remarkable act of dedicating his birthday to bless others isn't what makes this story compelling and heart touching. It's the drive behind the act of giving out of love. When we asked Noah why he wanted to do such a thing, he simply looked and said, "Well, I want to be like Jesus!" The heart of this young boy can remind us all about the love of Jesus. Jesus in fact gave his life for all of us so we could be blessed to be called friends and children of God. What a way to remind us of the simple gifts in life that make a huge difference. In his letter, Noah wrote, "To some people that (socks) may not be much, but it is a lot. There are people who don't have any and their feet are cold." Little Noah didn't realize how right he was by saying that. This winter, we have given over 200 people winter clothing to help stay warm during cold nights. His words reminded me of a man by the name of Dennis. Dennis was homeless and didn't have any money. He came to The Salvation Army and said, "Really all I need is some socks. If I can get socks I would really appreciate it." Well, after talking with Dennis we found out that Dennis needed a bit more than just socks. While we were preparing Dennis a bag of clothes he smiled with tears in his eyes and said, "I was praying for you when you guys said you could help me. I prayed that God blessed you in abundance...but I can see already that God is the reason I am blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Join Noah as he collects socks for The Salvation Army, to give to those in need. Donations can be made at 1529 John B. White Sr. Blvd Social Services building.

Thank you Noah for your heart of love. Together, we are Doing The Most Good.

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