Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute Gives Generously


A personal visit from Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute representative, Richard Schulz,  brings hope to families in need this winter. As The Salvation Army sent an urgent plea for volunteer help and financial donations, Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute responded to the call. Although they are not shy to giving, the generous donation of $10,000 came just in time.

"There is a serious need for donations at this time. We are providing 2,182 children with Christmas gifts this year, we're feeding families daily, we're giving coats and heaters to those in need. We are helping those most in need, but we need help. Resources and funding get low, and that's why donors like Spartanburg Rehab Institute are important. They help keep our pantries full and our programs open for the children. It's amazing what impact one donation can have. Sometimes, a donation can be the difference of a family spending a night hungry or being provided nutritious meals for the week." Says Commanding Officer, Captain Marvels.

Last year, Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute donated $5,000 to help The Salvation Army. With help from local businesses like Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute, we are able to continuously support our community. Thank you Spartanburg Rehabilitation Institute for joining The Salvation Army in Doing The Most Good.

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