More Than Just A Game

Have you heard the phrase, “It’s just a game”?  As the starting point guard for my youth basketball team, I heard this phrase at times. Every time we suffered a loss someone would offer those four words of what they thought were encouragement. However, for me, it was more than just a game. Basketball was a sense of responsibility, effort, and a promise.

I was responsible to bring my “A” game to every competition; I was required to give my very best effort in and off of the court. I trained in excellence and was expected to perform to my greatest ability. Therefore, it was not just a game. It was a foundation of skill built upon team work and a promise to give our best.  Here at The Salvation Army, we are building foundations on God, excellence, and team-work. These are skills that will follow the youth into adulthood, making them perfect candidates for honor roll students, and professional employees.  So, the next time you have the urge to say, “It’s just a game,” remember it’s more than just a game; it’s a foundation.

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