Programs that Help

The Salvation Army has always been about helping those in need. In those days, founder William Booth provided help to homeless and addicted men in London, England and later began to innovate new and exciting means by which these very men could become rehabilitated, receive spiritual help, and in turn pass along this assistance to another in need.

Our Programs

Today, this tradition continues to be at the heart of The Salvation Army's work. There are thousands of assistance programs operating in the United States alone ranging from youth development programs to Adult Rehabilitation services, from Seniors homes to Family (Thrift) stores, from Worship centers to Emergency and Disaster Relief.

Family Stores

Whether they're purchased by a college student adding to their wardrobe or by a family struggling to make ends meet, these sales directly fund local, life-giving programs provided by The Salvation Army.

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Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation

For over 100 years The Salvation Army has been providing assistance to people with a variety of social and spiritual afflictions through its 119 United States based Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC).…

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Individual & Family Sheltering

The Salvation Army Center of Hope & Family Shelters programs are designed to provide food and emergency or transitional housing to men, women, or families in need. Underlying this program is a motivation…

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Seasonal Assistance

The Salvation Army offers an array of Christmas Assistance programs throughout North and South Carolina. This includes assistance with food for the holidays, gifts and toys for children, assistance with…

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Crisis Assistance

In many communities around North and South Carolina, The Salvation Army can provide financial or material assistance. Since each community is unique, the details of these assistance programs vary between…

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Anti-Human Trafficking

The modern day slave trade is a multi-billion dollar industry. Worldwide, 27 million individuals are trafficked for labor, sexual exploitation, and profit. This problem is global — it reaches from the…

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