The Music and Gospel Arts Department of the Canada and Bermuda Territory have created an 8 level music theory course that we use in all our educational programming.

Music theory is important for all musicians and artists to understand - even our creative artists! Everyone is involved in a chorus class, so being able to look at a sheet of music and know the time signature, identify note names, rhythms and values, and the like is very important.

Below you can find links to the student booklets for each level. If you need access to the instructor guides, placement tests and answer keys you can download them from the MAGA website.

Letter Names in Treble/Bass Cleff

Harmonic and Melodic Intervals

Note Values and Time Signatures

Augmented and Diminished Intervals

Scales and Key Signatures

Triads and Transposition

Order of Sharps and Flats

Chords and Complex Time Signatures