The Salvation Army National Creative Arts Curriculum for Drama is your number one stop for starting a drama ministry at the local level!

This book contains 12 scripts (3 beginner, 3 advanced & 6 bonus), as well as detailed 1-hour lesson plans, and an accompanying DVD with performance examples and demonstrations of technique.

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The Salvation Army National Creative Arts Curriculum for Dance is a perfect way to start a a dance ministry at your corps - you don't even need to be a dancer!

The 20 lesson plans come with devotionals and a demonstration DVD that can be used to learn from or in your class. Each exercise and routine is taught step by step.

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D.E.A.L - Drama Elective Arts Leadership is an education based resource. This free curriculum comes with detailed and easy to follow lesson plans for 4 weeks of Drama Elective Instruction. Price: Free!

Moving With The Spirit is 2 Disc video production complete with 8 instructional segments of performance choreography, covering various dance genres. This bundle includes an accompaniment CD with the original performance tracks used by the USA Southern Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble. Performance tracks included are: In My System, Stereotype, The World for God, Be Like Jesus, Love, Don’t Worry Child, Your Holy Love, and Soldier’s Hymn. Available at Trade South today! Price: $24.95


Bringing Scripture Alive, by Carol Jaudes, provides ways to get creative with scripture through drama, dance, movement, readers’ theatre, music, poetry, literature, and media. It comes with various scripts and an instructional DVD. Available at Trade South today. Price: $19.95

C.A.T.C.H - Creative Arts Track Curriculum Handbook is an education based resource that comes with lesson plans for 4 weeks of Creative Arts Instruction covering the following genres 1 week at a time: Drama, Dance, Choreodrama, Original Creation. This is great to use at a conservatory/music camp program. It can also be adapted into weekly lesson plans if desired. Price: Free!