Divisional Youth Band in the streets of Italy

The Carolinas Divisional Youth Band is devoted changing lives by pointing all people to a redemptive knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe this starts with each of us individually and spreads to those we come in contact with. We strive for excellence in music and ultimately desire to give all glory to God through our ministry of music and our personal testimonies of Gods redeeming love.

Roster 2018/2019

Solo Cornet . Emily Lewis
Solo Cornet . Tanner Shelton
Solo Cornet . Alex Earp
Solo Cornet . Vernicia Ulysse
Solo Cornet . Lucy Kwon

1st Cornet . Morgan Wiggs
1st Cornet . Payton Rapasardi
1st Cornet . Layla Wright
1st Cornet . Triniti Williams-Heard

2nd Cornet . Keirsten Rapasardi
2nd Cornet . Michael Hernandez
2nd Cornet . Ana Smith
2nd Cornet . Sally Kwak

Flugel Horn . Emily Teague

Solo Horn . Josh Pulver
1st Horn . Joy Ulysse
2nd Horn . Judorcia Madingou

1st Baritone . Jason Lee
2nd Baritone . Sara Kwak

1st Trombone . Chase Thornhill
2nd Trombone . Carrissa Brunson
Bass Trombone . David Rodriguez

Euphonium . Ethan Richardson
Euphonium . Justin Earp

Bass Eb . Chris Propst
Bass Eb . Tony Diaz
Bass Bb . Edward McCain

Percussion . Aaron Jackson