Praise & Worship refers to contemporary music sung and played in church with the intention of bringing people into the presence of God. The band usually involves guitars, pianos, keyboards/synthesizers, and vocalists. Sometimes other sounds and/or instruments may make up the ensemble.

But Praise and Worship is more than just singing songs in church - it's a lifestyle of love that comes from the heart. 'Praise' in the original Greek means to sing, to tell of, to give, or to confess. In simpler terms it means to be thankful for the blessings God gives and to celebrate who God, sharing it with others. 'Worship' in the original Greek and Hebrew, means to bow down, prostrate one's self in reverence, fall face down in homage and respect. It is the highest form of honor and respect that we can show God.

Through our music we are setting the foundation of how we can live our life. Worship of God and Him alone must be our first priority. Then through our worship and the intimacy that comes from such worship, praise for Him and what He has done will flow naturally. And as we sing about who God is and what He has done for us, we create an atmosphere for people to be responsive and receptive to His spirit.


The Music & Gospel Arts Department of the Canada Bermuda Territory have created some excellent resources to develop, resource and train worship leaders.

Worship Together - A Practical Guide for Worship Leaders is designed to assist current or prospective leaders, and teams, in examining themes that relate to worship and worship leading. It also highlights the practices that go into planning, rehearsing, leading and evaluating congregational worship.

F.L.O.W. - A Skill Development Tool for Worship Leaders is an accompanying workbook to assist worship leaders from planning through to delivery of a worship time, looking at both musical and personnel leadership. Discussion points, examples and exercises are provided to help leaders and teams with the different aspects discussed in the accompanying guide.

Below you can find a full download for each booklet. If you only wish to download a section or topic from either resource you can visit the MAGA website.

Worship Together - A Practical Aid for Worship Leaders

Worship Together.pdf

F.L.O.W. - A Skill Development Tool for Worship Leaders