The Carolinas Percussion Studio is another very popular choice at DSA and Conservatory. Students learn the fundamentals of percussion, with a focus on both playing for a traditional Salvation Army brass band as well as drumset for contemporary praise and worship groups. The class performs original pieces for a percussion ensemble at DSA Graduation and Conservatory Graduation, as well as playing in the percussion section of the brass band classes. Below you can find some excellent resources for all skill levels, focusing on the snare drum. You can also follow the NSC Percussion Facebook page for more videos and information from your instructors.

Percussion Resources

A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum by Mark Wessels is a logical approach for developing rhythmic reading abilities, rudimental technique and musicianship on the snare drum. Below you can find links to the first 3 lessons in the book which can be found on the Vic Firth website. They also have video series and downloadable PDFs of each lesson. These are excellent resources to help you get comfortable before coming to DSA and Conservatory for percussion.