Formally commissioned in January 2016, the Divisional Adult Ensembles are standard bearers of music ministry in the Carolinas. They exist to provide glory and honor to God in special services, ministry trips and events across the division and beyond. Musicians and artists are invited to join these groups by audition. You must be a Salvationist of good standing and approved for membership by your corps officer and the Divisional Music & Arts Director.

Divisional Band

The Carolinas Divisional Band is the premiere Salvation Army Brass Band of North & South Carolina. The band contains Salvation Army musicians from around the division, and meets when required to rehearse and prepare for special ministry engagements.

Divisional Songsters

The Carolinas Divisional Songsters bring experienced adult singers together from North & South Carolina. They perform a range of vocal material from traditional Salvation Army songster music, gospel, a capella, and secular song arrangements. The Songsters meet when required, usually alongside the Divisional Band, to rehearse and prepare for special ministry engagements.

Divisional Timbrels

The Divisional Timbrels draw on Salvationists who love to play the timbrel. The group is invited to participate in various events and celebrates the joy of loving the Lord through rhythmic skill and artistry. They usually rehearse every DSA weekend. To apply to join the Divisional Timbrels, please email Jennifer.