Divisional Music & Arts Director


Talk to Nathan about:

  • Divisional Adult Ensembles
  • Timbrels
  • Music leader training and development
  • SPA Programs/Regional events
  • Music and arts corps and community program development
  • Special events
  • Outreach and partnership opportunities


Assistant Divisional Music & Arts Director

Talk to Sam about:

  • All Instrumental Tracks/Classes
  • Visual Arts
  • Music Theory
  • DSA
  • CMAC & Summer Jobs
  • SPA Programs
  • Ensemble Requests


Divisional Creative Arts Director

Talk to Caitlin about:

  • All Creative Arts Tracks/Classes
  • The Eden Collective
  • Praise & Worship
  • DSA Classes/Leaders
  • CMAC & Summer Jobs
  • SPA Programs
  • CCLI and Music Licensing


Youth & Music Department Secretary

Talk to Jennifer about:

  • DSA Applications/Registration/Housing
  • CMAC Applications/Registration/Housing
  • CCLI and Music Licensing
  • CMAC & Summer Jobs
  • Sheet Music Requests

Nathan Cole was appointed Divisional Music and Arts Director in January 2019. He is from the UK and trained formally as an orchestral percussionist, conductor and music educator. In 2017-2019 he held the position of Principal Timpanist with The Cory Band (Wales) and was Head of Music Service for Milton Keynes Council (England). Nathan established himself within the Bristol Easton Corps of The Salvation Army, where he was Bandmaster between 2008-2012. He was also a member of the International Staff Band between 2003-2011. Nathan is experienced in strategic leadership and development, having held senior posts in two large music education Hubs in the UK. He is passionate about young people succeeding using their God given talents and strives for a high-quality and inclusive music and arts provision. Nathan attends the Charlotte Temple Corps and serves as Bandmaster.

    Sam Mhasvi is a graduate of Lander University SC, where he received a degree in Music (Euphonium Performance) and a degree in Visual Arts (Graphic Design Emphasis). His musical interest comes from a family rooted in The Salvation Army. This inspired him to learn the guitar, piano and brass, of which the later, became his focus. Sam loves working with and meeting new people. He enjoys sharing a love and passion for the ministry of the arts, with the ultimate goal of giving glory to God. He has been involved in music at different levels including Bandmaster of a number of Salvation Army bands. He also leads choirs and enjoys a variety of creative expressions through spoken word, songwriting and recording.

    Caitlin Jackson took acting classes as a child, and performed with various youth theater companies. She also was active in her local Salvation Army music and arts programs. Caitlin studied at the Regional Institute of Performing Arts in Newcastle, Australia. There she received quality instruction and training in acting, dance, music theater, directing, producing, and writing. In 2015 Caitlin moved from Australia to Charlotte, NC, to work as the Divisional Creative Arts Director for North & South Carolina. She loves working with artists to create unique and original experiences, capturing an audience’s mind and heart, whilst glorifying the original Creator. Caitlin is also an experienced worship leader, who loves to fuse creative ministry with contemporary worship.

    Jennifer Goude is a fourth generation Salvationist. She originates from Texas but, following her father’s retirement from the military, settled in Charleston, SC. She started working in the mail room at Divisional Headquarters in August 1994. Jennifer moved in to the Youth & Candidates department in 2001 and then finally to Youth & Music in January 2012. She is an active member of the Charlotte Temple Corps as a Sunday school teacher and Moonbeam leader.