Our beginner dance company is designed for those who want to invite dance into their lives but have no previous experience. Maybe you have wanted to learn how to dance for ages, or you're looking for a new, exciting, healthy interest to take on? Come and learn fundamental techniques and dance terminology while have lots of fun in a supportive, stress-free, non-competitive environment under the leadership of our Lights Up! cast members. No auditions required!

Our intermediate dance company is for those that have some previous dance experience. They are passionate about learning proper form and technique and want to take their skills to the next level. Intermediate dancers can learn and perform dances of moderate complexity by watching their choreographer walk through it a few times. This is a fun and exciting class. Those wishing to be in our intermediate dance company need to submit an audition with their DSA application. Click here to find out more about DSA Auditions.

Resources coming soon!