In our beginner acting ensemble you will learn the fundamentals of basic acting through improvisation and other fun games and exercises. You will build a solid technical foundation as you are introduced to monologues, scenes and scripture presentations. Whether you are a social butterfly or on the shy side, you will not only gain acting skills, but also basic public speaking and presentation skills while under the instruction of our Lights Up! cast members. No need to audition for this class!

In our intermediate acting ensemble, you will continue to grow and develop the skills obtained in the beginner ensemble by expanding your collection of acting materials. You will explore longer and more challenging monologues, and scenes and scripture presentations, and have opportunities to improvise more freely. You will also continue to build confidence as you prepare for DSA Graduation. Intermediate actors need to submit both a choral and an acting audition along with their DSA applications. Click here to find out more about DSA auditions


Here is a tutorial video for a Thanksgiving spoken word. This will take you through some warm-ups you can do on your own, and a small tutorial of how to work on the script. You can find a link to the original performance by Marvel in the description box. To request a copy of the script please email