a hub for creative artists in North & South Carolina

The Eden Collective is a creative hub for The Salvation Army Carolinas division, and serves to connect artists to their Original Creator and to each other. Here you can find access to creative inspiration, view artworks developed by other artists, and find links to educational resources and tools to help develop your skills.

“We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!”
Ephesians 2:10 (TPT)


In the silence what do you hear?

Right now, life looks totally different. The regular hustle and bustle of life has been replaced with incredible stillness and quiet. Instead of going out, we're staying in. Instead of leaving for the next thing, we're returning to the same place, same space, same way of life. Instead of doing doing doing, we are simply being. So when all things have stopped and life has calmed down we asked ourselves this question:
In the silence what do you hear?

Be still. Be patient. Expect the Eternal to arrive and set things right...
Psalm37:7 (VOICE)

Of one thing I am certain: my soul has become calm, quiet, and contented in You...
Psalm 131:2 (VOICE)

Lydia New
Original Short Film

Rildie Madingou
Original Sketch

What do I hear even when it’s silent? What do I hear physically or spiritually? What do I allow myself to hear?

Amelia Raymer
Original Spoken Word & Choreography

Mia Phelps
Original Writing


We're living in a time of confusion and uncertainty. For me, at least, everything seemed paused and hectic all at once. Suddenly we had a lot of free time on our hands, which gave me a lot of time in my head. Time to worry, time to stress, time to doubt. Everything that I was so passionate about just got taken away from me. I felt like God didn't realize what amazing things I had planned for my life, and now they're canceled? I was angry and disappointed and confused, crying out "God, don't you care this is stressing me out?" . No response. Finally, I chose to turn to His word. I realized not once in the Bible does it say "worry about it", "stress over it", or "figure it all out on your own". Over and over again God tells us to trust in Him. I finally realized that God has His own plan for my life. A plan I didn't know yet. A plan that was much greater than the 'mountain-top' experiences I had scheduled for myself. In that moment of reading His word I realized you have to choose to hear God in the silence. You can't put Him on mute and then wonder why He's not speaking.

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The Carolinas have 2 creative arts ensembles that meet and rehearse regularly in order to prepare for ministry opportunities and special events across the division. These groups are led by the Divisional Creative Arts Director, Caitlin Jackson, along with members of the groups who step into leadership positions. If you are interested in being a part of these groups, please submit an audition at the links below.

Lights Up!

Lights Up! is our youth creative arts ensemble. This group focuses on developing artistic skills, provides leadership and teaching opportunities, and performance experience at events such as Youth Councils and DSA Graduation. Actors, dancers and musical theater performers aged 13-25 are invited to audition for this group at the beginning of each DSA season.

Eden Performance Ensemble

The Eden Performance Ensemble is our adult creative arts ensemble. The ensemble strives towards excellence in their creative artistry and focuses on the production of original work. Performance and ministry opportunities include assisting at Regional Creative Arts Workshops, Women's Retreat and more. Actors, dancers and musical theater performers aged 18+ are invited to audition for this group in August each year.


2020 Christmas Resource Book

This booklet contains monologues, spoken word pieces, calls to worship, kids stories, graphics and song suggestions for your advent services. Everything in this book is free to use in live church services. If you want to stream/upload your service to the internet please contact Caitlin Jackson to talk through your church/corps copyright license and what you are or are not allowed to upload.


Here is a Thanksgiving Spoken Word Tutorial



Videos produced by Territorial Arts Ministries of The Salvation Army's Eastern Territory

TAM have two playlists of Theater Games on their Youtube channel - check out Series One and Series Two


This database is a collection of offerings from Salvation Army writers across the USA. Each piece was written with the intention of glorifying God, sharing his Gospel, and edifying the Church, and are thus made available to you to do the same in your community.


The New Jersey Music & Arts Department Dance Like No One Is Watching series is available on their Facebook page. Here is one of our favorite videos for a nice Across The Floor combo.

The Arkansas and Oklahoma Division have some excellent dance resources on their Youtube channel. Follow along below with their Modern Dance Warm-up and Combo tutorial.



The Dance Maker app is a great tool for exploring choreography and creative movement. Select from dozens of themes and actions to explore new ways of moving. You can even plan lessons and find resources to help you learn and grow as a dancer and choreographer. The app is available for free on iOS and Android.


These books are your number one stop for starting a creative arts ministry at the local level without needing to know ANYTHING about drama or dance.

The drama book contains 12 scripts (3 beginner, 3 advanced & 6 bonus), as well as detailed 1-hour lesson plans including devotional time, and an accompanying DVD with performance examples and demonstrations of technique. It can be purchased in both English and Spanish.

The 20 dance lesson plans come with devotionals and a demonstration DVD that can be used by the teacher to learn from before teaching your class, or to be used in the class as the teacher. Each exercise and routine is taught step by step.

Price: $15 each


Moving With The Spirit is 2 Disc video production complete with 8 instructional segments of performance choreography, covering various dance genres. This bundle includes an accompaniment CD with the original performance tracks used by the USA Southern Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble. Performance tracks included are: In My System, Stereotype, The World for God, Be Like Jesus, Love, Don’t Worry Child, Your Holy Love, and Soldier’s Hymn. Available at Trade South today! Price: $24.95


Bringing Scripture Alive, by Carol Jaudes, provides ways to get creative with scripture through drama, dance, movement, readers’ theatre, music, poetry, literature, and media. It comes with various scripts and an instructional DVD. Available at Trade South today. Price: $19.95


Drama Elective Arts Leadership (D.E.A.L) is an education based resource. This free curriculum comes with detailed and easy to follow lesson plans for 4 weeks of Drama Elective Instruction. Price: Free!

Creative Arts Track Curriculum Handbook (C.A.T.C.H) is an education based resource that comes with lesson plans for 4 weeks of Creative Arts Instruction covering the following genres 1 week at a time: Drama, Dance, Choreodrama, Original Creation. This is great to use at a conservatory/music camp program. It can also be adapted into weekly lesson plans if desired. Price: Free!