Throughout the Christmas season, there is one sound that can be heard above all of the hustle and the bustle. As The Salvation Army Bell rings, it reminds us of hope, redemption, and new life. It is hard to imagine Christmas without the sounds of these small, tin bells ringing.

Times change. People carry less cash. Retailers change the way that they do business and how they support the community.

We need your help, more than ever, to ensure that the sounds of the Christmas season include this familiar tone. We need your support to Keep the Bell Ringing.

50% of Americans say that they carry cash less than half the time. When you put cash in any our kettles, we help to support change through the programs we offer year round in the community.

While there will always be the thrill of holiday shopping, 79% of Americans say that they prefer to shop online. With fewer people shopping in person, there are less donors for our kettles.

This year, The Salvation Army of the Carolinas expects a $300,000 shortfall related to changes in ways that some retailers are changing their strategies for reaching customers and impacting the community.

There are many ways that you can Join the Fight for Good and help The Salvation Army continue to make change in the lives of those most in need throughout your community.

Online Angel Tree

For a fun way to support The Salvation Army during the Christmas season, check out You can select gifts to choose a donation amount and help children have a memorable Christmas morning.

Visit OnlineAngelTree

Give Generously

If you do walk by a red kettle this Christmas season, give as generously as you can. Know that anything that you put in our kettle is used to help those in your community – children, adults, and families – who are in most need of help.

Give Online

The simplest way to help The Salvation Army continue to provide life changing programs in your community is to make an online donation. Your support will ensure that we can serve those who need our help throughout the entire year.

Give Securely