Giving Gifts of Stock to The Salvation Army

An Investment in Hope

The Salvation Army is grateful for all of the resources we receive from the community. For many of our partners, giving a gift of stock is a great option. It’s beneficial to the person that gives and to The Salvation Army. These gifts are helpful to our partners because of the potential tax benefits, but also because of the way that an initial investment can be multiplied into greater impact in the community. For The Salvation Army, we receive a greater proportion of the proceeds from these gifts and that translates directly into more changed lives. More children. More families. When you give stock, it makes a real difference.

Stock gift infographic

Let's talk about a specific example.

A couple of years ago, you made an investment of $3,000. And it was a wise investment. It appreciated and now it's worth $5,000. You see the work of The Salvation Army in your community and you want to use your investment to make a donation to continue to make an impact in people's lives.

You have a couple of options.

  1. You could sell your stock and make a donation to The Salvation Army.
  2. You could donate your stock directly to The Salvation Army.

In most cases, the second option is better for everyone. For you, you avoid the capital gains tax and you get to claim $5,000 as the value of your donation - all with your intial investment of $3,000. The Salvation Army also gets to benefit from the complete $5,000 donation which means your contribution directly impacts more people's lives.

If, instead, you choose to sell your stock first, you may be subject to additional taxes and fees, and The Salvation Army will receive less funding from your contribution.

The Salvation Army promises to use your money to the best of our ability in your community - to Do the Most Good. When you choose to invest in The Salvation Army, you're not just investing in the work of an organization.

You're investing in hope.

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