Do you thrift store shop? Why? The price? The treasure hunt?
Are you a repurposer, a collector, an artist or DIY'er?

This blog will feature some of the Interesting Donations we receive through our Family Thrift Stores, and we will highlight any interesting facts we find in our research.  We will link you to our favorite pages for more information on repurposing and creating with your thrifty finds. You will have an opportunity to show us your DIY wonders, too.  

Thrifty shopping is fun! It saves money. It saves landfill space. And, it helps others!
Revenue from the purchases at our Family Thrift Stores helps support our services locally here in Horry County.  The dresser you just purchased to create a new kitchen island?  That crafty project will help us feed and clothe a neighbor in need.  The outfit you put together (shhh...we won't tell anyone you didn't pay retail price for it!) helped us sponsor a child in our after-school program. Your purchases help us in our disaster response (1000-year Flood, Hurricane Matthew....some are still trying to recover!) and providing hot meals to our first responders.

Interesting Facts Blog

Stay tuned.  
We look forward to "blogging" and sharing ideas and seeing your creative side (you know, we all have one!)

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